Connersville Foot Clinic

Foot checkup — Podiatry treatment in Connersville, IN
Improve the quality of your life when you come to Connersville Foot Clinic for comprehensive podiatry treatments, including geriatric & pediatric care to treat your foot or ankle conditions.

Connersville Foot Care Offers the following:
Diabetic Foot Care
Treatment for Sports Injuries
Adult Care
Geriatric Care
Pediatric Care
And More - We Do it All.
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Who We Are

Improve your overall foot health with services from our foot and ankle specialist in Connersville & Greenfield, Indiana. Dr. Lovins of Connersville Foot Clinic specializes in general and diabetic foot care, bone and joint disorders, skin disorders, orthotics, sports medicine, & surgery. Using proven medications, techniques, and surgery – when necessary, he works to effectively correct your condition. For your convenience, Dr. Lovins also prescribes orthopedic and diabetic shoes and inserts.
Doctor checking the foot of the patient — Foot Care in Connersville, IN
Leg with a cast — Foot Care in Connersville, IN

A Board-Certified Professional

As a board-certified podiatrist, Dr. Lovins offers complete care for the foot, ankle, and lower leg with an emphasis on orthotics, sports medicine, and surgery. No matter the issue, he and his friendly staff are readily available to provide the individualized care you seek at our two convenient locations.

Working with You

At our office, we understand that no two patients' needs are alike. That's why we work with you not only to keep you informed of the current diagnosis, but also to determine the best treatment plan to relieve you of your discomfort.